Another One Bites the Dust (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 10 Recap)



Man, this years Real World house should have a revolving door out front, because cast members keep entering and leaving this show.  After her fight with Tom last week Hailey has to choose between leaving or staying in the house and making Tom’s life a living hell.  While it would have been a lot more exciting for viewers if Hailey stuck around to harass Tom and Jamie, she decides it’s best for her to pack her bags and head back home.  This marks the third cast member departure of the season.  We also got a brief visit from Ashley Mitchell this week.  Personally I was hoping we’d get another hamburger to the face level incident, but Ashley’s return was fairly mellow, and the only real negative result was that Brian’s feelings were hurt by her taking Jenny out to party.  (For a guy who cheated on someone like a week ago, and then got broken up with, Brian really feels a big need to share his feelings and emotions with Jenny at all times).  Overall this week’s episode was a little dull, it seems like it was a filler episode between the fight with Tom and Hailey last week and the fight with Brian and Cory next week, but let’s break down what happened in the episode anyways.

Tom’s identical twin brother Stephen is in town for a visit, and the first thing we learn about him is that he and Tom never like each other girlfriends.  This is contradicted by the fact that Stephen and Hailey are apparently good friends, but the boys still stick to their claim.  Jamie is feeling super nervous about Stephen not liking her, but doesn’t have to worry for too long because after getting so drunk that he can’t remember her name, Stephen gives Jamie (or Megan or Sarah) his seal of approval.

Unfortunately a good chunk of this episode is once again dedicated to the very unenjoyable drama between Jay and Jenna.  Despite a ton of meddling from Jamie, (and plenty of bad behavior from Jay) Jenna is still not done with this relationship.  You know Jay’s behavior is unacceptable when even Cory doesn’t approve of his aggressive flirting with a bartender.  Also who flirts that hard with someone who just flat-out rejects them?  The bartender repeatedly refuses to give Jay her email, and he just won’t take no for an answer, even asking when she is working again so he can come back and try some more.  While they do make a cute couple, and Jay did put in some effort, (actually taking Jenna out to on a date, which he apparently never does) this is just not a healthy relationship.  The pair is back together by the end of the episode, but based on some Twitter trolling I still think that Jay and Jenna are not currently together (when asked on Twitter by fans last night Jenna said we would have to wait until the reunion to find out).

After Jenny and Ashley go out and party, Brian wants to be sure that Jenny knows he is unhappy.  Brian says that he has “invested his heart within her” (classic Brian quote) and he feels that more than what any of the other couples in the house have.  Jenny on the other hand is ready to do whatever it takes to get Brian out of the house.  After a fight over who is “dominant,” and a couple of glasses of water to the face, Brian has had enough, he retreats to the confessional after almost starting a physical altercation, and says that Jenny is “demonic.”  Jenny and Brian are a great example of why exes shouldn’t spend time together, and definitely shouldn’t live together after breaking up.  Unless of course they are living together to provide entertainment for a television audience, then it’s a great idea, because the fights between Jenny and Brian are about a thousand times more fun to watch than the ones between any of the other couples in the house.

This week’s episode closes out with Tom and Hailey making peace with each other.  Tom admits to being selfish, and not considering all the things Hailey gave up to come on the show, and realizes that maybe it wasn’t fair to demand that she go home.  While Hailey appreciates Tom finally coming around and seeing things from her side, she still decides to go home in order to preserve her own sanity.

That;s all I’ve got for this week, sorry about things being a little brief, but this really wasn’t a very exciting episode, and today marks the start of March Madness aka my favorite time of year, and I still have brackets to fill out and snacks to prepare before the first games start.  Next week’s episode looks to be very promising with the drama between Jenny and Brian creating a physical altercation between Cory and Brian.  There’s only two episodes left, let’s see if any other cast members can leave the house before we reach the finale.  I should have a preview of The Challenge: Free Agents up sometime early next week, and I’ll be back next Thursday for another recap of Real World Ex-Plosion.

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(At the time of publishing this episode was not available yet on, I’ll check back later to see if I can find a link).

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