The Challenge: Free Agents (Preview of the Girls)


And we’re back.  Earlier I chimed in with my opinions on how I think the guys side of things in the latest season of The Challenge will play out, and now I’m back to give my preview of the girl’s side of things.


Aneesa Ferreira, The Real World Chicago

Physical Game: 6

Mental Game: 6

Social Game: 6.5

Overall: 6

I’ve always been an Aneesa fan, but I think we all know this isn’t going to happen for her at this point.  Aneesa’s best finish in The Challenge did come in an “every man for himself” duel format, so that gives some hope, but Aneesa just isn’t in good enough shape physically to win a final. (not trying to hate, I couldn’t run that final either, just sayin).   That being said, I still like having Aneesa around, she always provides some good soundbites, and it’s been interesting watching her progression over the years from a person in the middle of fights to the person breaking them up.  (She did just get in a fight with Trishelle last season, but in her defense Trishelle is crazy, so who can blame her).  Aneesa has no chance to win, but she has made quite a few friends  through her many years on the show, and I think she has a good chance to make it late in the game.  Honestly with how weak these seasons girls are I wouldn’t be shocked to see Aneesa make the final, I just can’t see her winning.


Camila Nakagawa, Spring Break Challenge

Physical Game: 7.5

Mental Game: 5.5

Social Game: 7

Overall: 7

Another cast member I have always liked, and this one has a much better chance than Aneesa.  Camila may be small, but she is a pit bull, and that has helped her be very successful on these challenges.  Camila’s determination, along with her relationship with Johnny Banana’s mean she will probably do well on this show.  There are really only two other strong female competitors, (Laurel and Cara Maria) and as long as Camila keeps her patented drunken freak outs to a minimum, I think she has a great shot to make the finals.


Cara Maria Sorbello, The Challenge: Fresh Meat II

Physical Game: 8.5

Mental Game: 5.5

Social Game: 2.5

Overall: 7.5

Moving on from likeable cast members, let’s talk about Cara Maria.  I try to feel bad for Cara Maria, as she is frequently the target of harassment from her fellow cast members, but if there is a big group of diverse people and they all don’t like you, there has to be something behind that.  I think the tipping point for me was last season when Cara Maria managed to get into it with Emily Schromm, one of the nicest and most likable cast members in this shows history.  Also it’s hard to feel bad for Cara Maria when she keeps signing up to come on these shows, if these people really make you so miserable why don’t you avoid them?  The good news for Cara Maria is that she has one of her only allies in the history of this show, Laurel, around to help her out during this season.  The other good news for Cara Maria is that as I’ve already mentioned, this season has an especially weak group of girls.  Even though I find her incredibly annoying, I can’t deny that Cara is a great athlete, although she does have a history of under performing on these shows.  The only thing I can see keeping Cara Maria from the final is her being thrown into the elimination round every week, which tends to happen to her on these shows.  Cara’s biggest obstacle keeping her from winning for the girls (other than Laurel) is that despite her claims that she has taken lessons, she is a terrible swimmer, and swimming often plays a role in the final challenge (Cara Maria’s swimming is like Shaq’s free throw shooting).  Right now I’m feeling a second place finish for Cara Maria, but I could see her going out early if she gets thrown into elimination repeatedly and gets upset.



Devyn Simone, The Real World Brooklyn

Physical Game: 3.5

Mental Game: 5.5

Social Game: 6

Overall: 4.5

Devyn is another person that I can’t understand why they keep getting called to come on these challenges.  She has no chance of winning, she doesn’t provide much drama, and the only romantic interest she’s ever had on a show was Big Easy.  Like I mentioned for Preston on the guys side, I don’t really dislike Devyn, but I’m never excited to see that she’s on one of these shows.  Probably one of the first to go, definitely won’t be getting any help from fellow Real World Brooklyn Alum Chet, as he has never been Devyn’s biggest fan.


Emilee Fitzpatrick, The Real World Cancun

Physical Game: 4

Mental Game: 4

Social Game: 4.5

Overall: 4

This rating might not be entirely fair, as I didn’t watch much of The Real World Cancun, and my only real exposure to Emilee is her brief appearance on The Challenge: Cutthroat.  Additionally the only thing I really remember about Emilee from that show is that she was one of the three people who got to select the teams, as she was one of the last people to finish in the race to the house that started the show.  I also remember her being pretty bitchy, and not especially enjoyable to watch, but that does mean she’s a good pick to start some drama in the house.  Ultimately I just can’t see her sticking around long, one of the first to go, unless she manages to find an alliance that can save her.


Jasmine Reynaud, The Real World Cancun

Physical Game: 5.5

Mental Game: 4

Social Game: 6.5

Overall: 5.5

Jasmine is a lot like Camila only even smaller which hurts her chances to finish well in this game.  Despite the fact that she has virtually no chance of winning, Jasmine is always a great choice to bring on these shows.  Jasmine is good for at least one fight a season, (when her drunk alter-ego comes out to play) always provides good soundbites, and tries her best in challenges, with sometimes hilarious results.  Also I saw Jasmine and Nia having some beef on Twitter the other day, so it will be interesting to see how they got along on the show.  I think she has enough friends to make it close to the end, but I can’t see her making the final right now.


Jemmye Carroll, The Real World New Orleans

Physical Game: 6.5

Mental Game: 4.5

Social Game: 6

Overall: 6

Jemmye is a slightly above average competitor in this game, she’s strong enough to stick around for a while, but like Aneesa, doesn’t really have what it takes to run a long distance final race.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Jemmye, even though she can be annoying at times (mostly during her season when she was drunkenly crying over Knight).  Jemmye seemed to find an ally last season in her former rival Camila when they realized they were both crazy bitches with accents.  I think she has enough friends to do well in this game, and Jemmye is in contention with Camila and Jonna for the last spot in the final in my opinion.


Jessica McCain, The Real World Portland

Physical Game: 5

Mental Game: 4

Social Game: 4

Overall: 4

Sorry, but I just really don’t like Jessica.  I’m honestly hard pressed to think of a more annoying cast member in the history of The Real World.  She did redeem herself a little bit during her brief stint on Rivals II, but I’m still definitely not Team Jessica.  During her season of The Real World Jessica claimed to be an extreme sports enthusiast, which should benefit her in this game, if she can stick around that is.  The good news for Jessica is that this season of The Challenge is packed with Real World Portland cast members.  The bad news is that not many people from her season liked her while they were living together, and their season still has the rookie stigma.  Ultimately, I would be very surprised if Jessica makes it to the mid-point of this season, most likely one of the first to go.


Jonna Mannion, The Real World Cancun

Physical Game: 6.5

Mental Game: 6

Social Game: 6.5

Overall: 6.5

I like Jonna most of the time, and I think she has a solid chance to do well in this game.  As I’ve mentioned several times before there aren’t a lot of tough girls on the show this season, and Jonna has a surprisingly good physical game for someone her size.  Jonna is always good for a couple of hook ups anytime she’s on one of these shows, and she usually gets in a fight or two also, so good television all around.  Right now I have Jonna on the bubble for making it to the final, but she has a history of stabbing people in the back, and that could end up coming back to bite her on of these days.


LaToya Jackson, The Real World St. Thomas

Physical Game: who knows

Mental Game: who knows

Social Game: who knows

Overall: doesn’t matter, she’s going home

Isn’t LaToya Jackson a little old to be on this show? Ok, now that I got my lame joke out of the way, I just want to say I know absolutely nothing about this girl, but most of the people from the St. Thomas season suck, so I don’t have high hopes.  I think the chances of LaToya going home first are very high, and would be shocked if she made it past the mid-point of this show, so let’s move on. (this might be a good time to mention that I picked CT to be one of the first people out for Rivals II, so maybe I’ve totally misjudged things with LaToya).


Laurel Stucky, The Challenge: Fresh Meat II

Physical Game: 10

Mental Game: 7

Social Game: 6.5

Overall: 9

The champ is here!  I really can’t see any of the girls from this season beating Laurel.  I’m also really disappointed that we don’t have any legitimate competition, because I’d like to see what would happen if Laurel went up against someone like Emily or Rachel from Road Rules: Campus Crawl.  I think the only thing that can possibly keep Laurel from victory is that she’s not always super nice, and people in the house could potentially gang up on her.  Luckily she has her buddy in outcast Cara Maria, and I think she and CT will still share a bond.  Laurel is kind of the female CT, minus the almost murdering another cast member, and punching several people in the face.  (now that I think about it she did verbally murder Paula on Rivals I, so that’s pretty close to CT).  To sum things up, I’m super excited Laurel decided to end her hiatus, and as I see things right now nothing can stand between her and victory.


Nany Gonzalez, The Real World Las Vegas

Physical Game: 6

Mental Game: 5.5

Social Game: 8

Overall: 6.5

Nany is a lot like Jonna, but a little prettier and a little less likely to stab you in the back.  I like Nany, and like Jonna she is good for a couple of fights and a couple of hook ups every season.  Nany is also solid in competition, and I wouldn’t be shocked if she made the final, but Jonna is a little more cutthroat, and that gives her the edge for now.  I see a mid to late season exit for Nany as things stand at the moment.


Nia Moore, The Real World Portland

Physical Game: 6.5

Mental Game: 6

Social Game: 2.5

Overall: 4

Oh Nia, how I’ve missed you.  Nia saved me from lapsing into a coma while watching The Real World Portland, and based on the amount of Twitter beef she’s had with fellow cast members from her first challenge it looks like she’s up to her old tricks.  I actually think Nia might be sold in physical competition, she does sell those “booty belts,” but I think she’s going to be too caught up in drama to make it far this season.  I’ve seen her getting into it with Jasmine and Laurel on Twitter in the last week or two, and based on the fact that Jessica will probably be her only friend in the house, I think Nia will be heading home early.


Theresa Gonzalez, The Challenge: Fresh Meat II

Physical Game: 6.5

Mental Game: 6

Social Game: 5

Overall: 6

I’ve never been a huge fan of Theresa.  I’m not even really sure why, because she is normally good for some drama, and drops an occassional good one liner.  There’s just something about her that’s a little annoying that makes it impossible for me to root for her to stick around longer on these shows.  I think the other cast members must feel the same way, because it seems like Theresa always thinks she’s a little more popular, and in a little bit better position than what she’s actually in.  She is another girl from this season who I wouldn’t be shocked if they made it to the finale, but she has no chance of winning against someone like Laurel or even Cara Maria, and I think she probably gets sent packing in the mid to late rounds of this season.

That’s it for the girls.  It took me six hours, but I managed to finish way ahead of schedule and get this entire season preview done in one day.  To wrap things up, as I see it heading into this season Jordan, Johnny Banana’s and Frank are the favorites for the guys, and Laurel, Cara Maria, and Camila are it for the girls with Zach, CT, Jonna, and Jemmye all potentially making the final.  Once again, The Challenge: Free Agents premieres Thursday April 10th at 10 pm.  I look forward to seeing you then, and check back her tomorrow for my recap of the penultimate episode of The Real World Ex-Plosion.

Thoughts/Questions/Comments – You can reach me via email – or on Twitter @NoOneGoesToClev


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