It’s Go Go Time! (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 11 Recap)


Ok, so confession time, ever since they aired the preview of the new season of The Challenge, I’ve been kind of out on this season of The Real World.  I think a lot of other fans of the two series are feeling this way as well, and MTV attempted to draw the viewers back in by teasing a fight between Cory and Brian on last nights episode.  The only problem is that in classic Real World fashion, the fight didn’t take place until the final minutes of the show, and ended up being a “to be continued” situation.  As a result last nights episode was pretty dull, there was lots of feelings from Brian, Jenny started a new go-go dancing career, and Tom acted like an ass at a winery.  So, since I’m still pretty burned out from The Challenge preview I posted yesterday, (which you should go check out) and since last nights episode was nothing to write home, (or in a blog about) I’m just going to share some thoughts I had while watching last night, instead of going with the full on recap.

-Do you think the “OG” guys purposely leave Brian out, or does it just work out that way because he’s such a weirdo?

-Do we really need to know how everything makes Brian feel?  For awhile it was kind of funny to see this tough guy talk about his feelings all the time, but it’s starting to get a little old and boring.

-There’s no way Jenna hit Jay in the balls with the football by accident, and I applaud her passive aggression.

-Do you think Arielle is really into fetish culture or do you think she’s just trying to freak out the other roommates?  Because between that erotic dinner and the Folsom St. fair I’m starting to wonder.

-Jenny’s ability to pull food out of nowhere is amazing.  First that hot dog that was in her purse, and now she comes up with a random subway sandwich on the way to start her go-go dancing job.

-Brian telling Tom to “feather away” and then Jay saying “he’s not going to feather anywhere” is one of the greatest exchanges in bro fight history.

-What’s going on with Brian’s lip in this episode? Did someone already punch him in the face and we missed it, or is he having like a herpes flare up.

-Only people from The Real World would take a party bus with a stripper pole on their trip to Napa Valley.

-The group probably should have called it a day after the spa.  Tom especially really didn’t need to go to a winery and drink more, but I’m glad he did because the results were great.

-I was starting to judge Tom for his drunken behavior at the winery, but then I remembered that would probably be me if I went on a wine tour with a group of friends and my judging turned to shame.

-I really liked how obvious this Bianca girl at the club was about just wanting to be on camera.  I wonder if there’s been people like this in past seasons, and they just edited out the part where the person keeps asking where the camera’s are to try to make the show seem more “real.”

-Brian has been looking to fight Cory since the minute he got into the house, and he finally gets his wish.  It looks like the fight in the van gets broken up pretty quickly, but they get into it again after they get back to the house.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, sorry but like I said the interesting stuff in this episode didn’t happen until the last 2 minutes, so there wasn’t a lot to talk about.  Next week we get to see the rest of the fight between Cory and Brian, and then it will be time to say goodbye to The Real World Ex-Plosion.  See you next Thursday for another recap, and check out my preview of The Challenge: Free Agents to hold you over until then.

Thoughts/Questions/Comments – You can reach me via email – or on Twitter – @NoOneGoesToClev

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here is the link.

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