The Ex-odus (The Real World Ex-Plosion Finale and Sh*t they Should have Shown Recap)


We made it, the finale of The Real World Ex-Plosion is upon us (actually I guess it’s past us since it was last night).  Last week’s episode ended with Brian and Cory getting into it in the van on the way home from the club, and we were left to ponder the outcome of the fight for an entire week.  Well, as it turns out, the fight wasn’t that exciting, it didn’t come close to the levels of violence and insanity Nia went to last season.  Aside from this initial brief fight, and another crazier outburst from Brian later in the episode, this finale was basically a love fest, especially amongst the “OG’s.”  Despite the fact that this finale didn’t pack the punch the show was teasing us with, this has still been one of the best seasons in years, and the “Sh*t they Should have Shown” show is always a good time, so let’s talk about them.


The fight between Cory and Brian got broken up when production finally showed that the “no fighting” policy is still somewhat in place.  Tom and Jay are attempting to pull Brian and Cory apart when a member of production shows up at the door to the van and insists Brian get out and get in their van.  Production then kept Brian in a separate location until Cory was asleep to keep the drama to a minimum.  (probably a good idea because Brian kicked Cory in the nose and he was really unhappy about it).  Not being able to fight with Cory anymore doesn’t stop Brian from fighting, he just moves on to his favorite target, Jenny.  Brian gets back to the house and continues to lament to Jenny that he wasted five years of his life on her, and claims that she has “ruined his brain,” which could explain a lot of things.  One could argue that coming to, and then refusing to leave the show is Brian choosing to waste more time on Jenny, but I doubt he see’s it that way.  Jenny decides on a very effective way to get rid of Brian, she dumps water all over his bed.  Brian leaves to sleep in another room, but still insists that he is staying until the end no matter what.

Aside from Brian being a crazy person, the other drama producers try to drum up for the finale is whether or not Tom and Jamie will stay together.  The pair doesn’t live that far apart, (Houston and Dallas) but they don’t have a plan for after the show, and Tom is feeling apprehensive after the failure of his previous long distance relationship.  The problem with this situation is that anyone following Tom and Jamie on Twitter knows that the pair are still together, so this didn’t provide much suspense for viewers.  Also, for anyone not following the cast on Twitter, Tom announces he wants to make things work before the cast heads out of the house for the last time.


It’s the last night in the house, and the fact that Brian decided to wear camo out to the club is very telling for what’s to come.  The group ends up celebrating its last night by getting absolutely hammered (I think Tom might have been dead at the club, but he eventually comes back to life to help out with the fight).  Despite the extreme levels of intoxication everything is going fine until Brian decides he needs to make it known that he is upset with Jenny(again).  I’ve literally never seen a person, nevermind a man, who felt the need to share how they are feeling every second of the day as much as Brian.  At first it was funny, but at this point listening to Brian bring up his feelings every 10 minutes is exhausting even to me, I can’t imagine what it must have been like for the people living with him.  When words don’t work Brian gets physical, and that’s when things start to get crazy.


Cory tries to keep Brian under control and shoves him to the ground.  The guys in the house seem to be doing a decent job, but Brian gets loose again when security shows up to take over.  Brian tears up two beds, and is basically trashing the house like a crazed animal when Arielle attempts to intervene.  For awhile it seems like Arielle is making some progress in getting Brian to calm down by talking to him about his feelings.  Unfortunately the calm doesn’t last for long.  At some point that talk between Brian and Arielle must have gone south because Brian body slams her to the ground.  The body slam proves to be the last straw for production, and security leads Brian out to spend the rest of the night in a hotel.  This marks the second season in a row where members of the cast ended up leaving the house and staying in a hotel at the end of their Real World journey.

After a brief return from Brian, who claims to not remember what happened the night before, it’s time to start the ceremonial exiting of The Real World house.  Brian is the first out, (probably a smart choice) and Cory and Jenny share the honors of being the roommates to get the final word on this season on the way out the door.  This season of The Real World was certainly ground breaking in more ways than one.  The twist of the bringing in the exes was definitely an interesting move, and it helped what most likely would have been a pretty dull season following the early exit of Ashley M.  This season also broke down the fourth wall, and showed us more of the production side of things than any show in reality tv history, proving once again that The Real World and Bunim/Murray are some of the best in the business when it comes to reality tv innovation.  Overall I enjoyed this season, it was certainly an improvement over the last few, and I am excited to see what direction the show decides to take in its next season.  I’m going to briefly talk about some highlights “The Sh*t they Should have Shown” show, and then I’m going to start resting up to get ready for the premiere of The Challenge.

The Sh*t They Should Have Shown

-Arielle is a really good air humper.  Also, does this count as cheating for Jay?

-Tom reacted like any sane person forced to go to an erotic dinner would, he ate a ton of food.  What better way is there to make your new roommates think you’re totally cool with all the weird shit happening around you?

-We learned that Arielle is an extremely sloppy drunk, which goes against her normal in house persona of being the mature, collected cast member.  Also we learned Arielle must not of done a lot of drinking on the show, because we didn’t see much of this behavior during the season.

-Arielle’s prank where she brings in one of her friends to pretend to be the new roommate is definitely one of the best in show history.

-I wonder if the cast always interacts with the crew this much, and it just doesn’t get shown, or if part of taking down the fourth wall this season was to allow the crew some more interaction with the cast.  Even though he couldn’t speak to them the sound guy Jackson seems like he was practically an extra cast member.

-Jenny explained that she always has food in her purse because she eats half of the item and saves the rest for later to keep her “girlish figure.”

That’s a wrap on this season of The Real World.  I’ll see you next Friday for a recap of the first episode of The Challenge: Free Agents.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link and here’s the link to “The Sh*t they Should Have Shown” special.

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