Never Count your Chicks Before They’re Hatched (The Bachelor Fantasy Dates Week Recap)



…Especially when you’re in a temple in Bali surrounded by chickens on your quest for “forever love” with a corn farmer from Iowa and his two other girlfriends.

There’s good news reality tv show friends, I’m back!!  After almost a year absence I’ve decided to return to the blogging game.  I’d been considering coming back for while, these past few months have been full of reality tv action, but it took having a virgin in the fantasy suite to finally push me over the edge.  I probably won’t be posting quite as regularly as I used to, but I’m happy to be back, and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all.  Now that I’ve got that out-of-the-way, let’s jump right in and exploring one of the greatest weeks in reality programming, fantasy suites week on The Bachelor.

Kaitlyn is up first, generally the most desirable position during a week when your significant will probably be sleeping with several other people to determine who their true mate should be.  Kaitlyn talks about how it is hard for her to let her guard down, but finally manages to tell Chris she is falling in love with him before the close the privacy curtains on their fantasy suite date.  It’s hard to understand how Kaitlyn was the one sent home this week after she managed do open up.  Chris claims that she was still too guarded, but she certainly as more guarded than Becca, the virgin who doesn’t necessarily plan to move to Arlington anytime soon.  I like to think that Chris recognized that Kaitlyn was the only person left with any personality, and knowing that having a personality doesn’t work well with Iowa farm life, decided to send home packing.

Next up is the odds on favorite to make Arlington’s population go up to 501, Whitney.  The day portion of the date is full of Chris and Whitney talking about how they are falling in love, and how Bali is the perfect place to find love while hanging out on a boat in the middle of the Indian ocean.  However, just when it seems like Chris and Whitney should sail straight back to Iowa so Whitney can start whipping up some test tube babies for them, Chris brings up a concern.  Chris is worried that Whitney, a serious career woman won’t want to live in Arlington, where as Chris describes it, there is nothing.  Whitney is the only one who still hasn’t seen Chris’ home town, which may be why she’s the most sold on moving there.  Chris says that he generally just hangs out at home, rather than going out because there is nowhere to go nearby. (This is the point where I realized I may be perfect for Chris, I love just sitting around at home.  Also I could try to recreate “Field of Dreams” in his corn fields in my spare time).  Whitney is quick to calm any concerns, telling Chris that even though she has a great career she isn’t happy because she hasn’t been able to become a wife and mother.  With Chris and Whitney feeling good about where their relationship stands the love curtain closes again and it’s time for Becca’s date.

As always the producer’s save the best for last, we all know that Becca holds a deep, dark secret and Chris is finally about to find out what it is.  I’m impressed by Becca’s strategy with this nugget of information.  As Ashley I, proved, blurting out that you’re a virgin while making out with a guy in a tent in the middle of the night is not the way to stick around for a long time on this show.  (Of course being completely insane also didn’t help her cause any).  By waiting until almost the end to reveal that she’s a virgin, Becca virtually forced Chris to keep her and send Kaitlyn home.  No guy wants to look like a jerk by sending a girl home right after getting this information, normally he would have waited a week or two and then sent her home so we could all pretend it was for some other reason.  However, Becca totally out maneuvered him and showed all future virgins how to act on this show.  Chris’ amazing response to Becca’s reveal is to make some surprised faces before finally spitting out “alright.”  Finally collecting himself, Chris says that he is surprised, but respects her decision, and is more concerned with seeing how they work as a couple.  With the elephant out of the room, the curtains close for the final time, and then it’s time for Chris to make his decision.

The next morning Chris says that before leaving the fantasy suite, Becca expressed some concerns about their relationship, and now he is more confused than ever.  Heading into the rose ceremony Chris makes it fairly clear that Whitney is safe, but he isn’t sure what to do about Becca and Kaitlyn.  Chris pulls Becca aside to talk about her concerns before he makes his decision.  While they are off talking, Kaitlyn and Whitney are busy celebrating.  The women feel that Chris must have decided Becca will be the one go to home, and that he decided to pull her aside and tell her, rather than letting her go at the rose ceremony.  However, the ladies are proven wrong when Chris is won over by Becca telling him she’s falling in love with him, and he leads her back into the temple for the ceremony.  On somewhat of a sidenote, I’ve decided Chris should be the “Second Chance Bachelor.”  The guy has given literally everyone who asked for one a second chance, from Kimberly on night one, to Jordan’s sudden reappearance in New Mexico, go this last-ditch effort by Becca, Chris is terrible at letting women go.  Anyways, back to the action.  Kaitlyn seems to know that Becca’s reemergence spells disaster for her, as she utters “oh, shoot” when Chris and Becca step back into view.  Ultimately Kaitlyn is the one sent home.  Chris tells her that he just had to go with his “gut,” and Kaitlyn learns a valuable lesson, never let your guard down on a cheesy reality tv show.  (At least not until you’re the bachelorette).

That’s all I’ve got the this week, next week we get  a break with “The Women Tell All” special, and then pick back up the week after to see who Chris will choose in his quest for someone willing to move to a small town in Iowa.  I’ll be back later in the week with a recap of The Real World, and The Challenge, see you then.


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