Are we Sure Madison Should be Partying this Much (The Real World Skeletons Episode 11 Recap)


I’m back, super late to the party, but still an enthusiastic guest.  We’re almost finished with the second gimmicky season of The Real World, and for the most part I’d say they’ve been a success.  The skeleton’s, aside from Tony’s, haven’t really delivered the drama that we got from the ex’s, but this season has been enjoyable none the less.  Also props to this season for mending some fences between Bruno and his brother, and Madison and her sister, it’s rare that this show helps heal the drama in someone’s life.  Anyways, enough with the overview, let’s get into my take aways from this weeks episode.

-Food really gets this cast fired up.  From Bruno going nuclear when the boys ate his burgers, (side note: even though I’m not a huge Bruno fan, I do ride with him on this one, people stealing your food is very upsetting) to Violetta losing it after having Jell-O thrown on her while she was sleeping, food really draws out a reaction from this cast.

-One of the big story lines this week was the arrival of Madison’s skeleton, and based on her sketchy past, it seemed like this could be the most explosive skeleton of the season.  However, instead of it being one of her former drug related associates, it’s her sister, and the potential for drama is squashed.  The visit mostly ends up being a time for the sister’s to reconcile, and work through the hurt that was caused while Madison was abusing drugs.  One bit on contention does occur between the two when Rachel (Madison’s sister) is not eager to party with the housemates at the club.  Rachel says she didn’t come to the house to party, and this brings up a good point.  Should Madison, someone who has only been clean a little over a year, be out partying all the time on this show.  As someone who has made several questionable decisions themselves while intoxicated, it seems like this is not the best course of action for Madison.  Just look at the recent relapse by Josh Hamilton, someone who almost certainly has a bigger support network than Madison, and it seems like coming on this show might not have been the best thing for her. (Of course I haven’t heard anything about her having a relapse, so I might just be completely wrong about everything).

-Has there ever been a relationship that seemed more doomed to fail than Tony and Madison.  Tony agreeing with Bruno that Rachel is better looking is just the latest sign that these two have zero chance of staying together long-term.  As pointed out on the excellent Right Reasons podcast on, Tony has a tattoo of his name spelled backwards on his shoulder.  Fun fact about the name Tony, in reverse it spells y not, which seems to be Tony’s approach to women.  If a girl approaches Tony at the club and wants to make out, his mental response “why not.”  Tony’s behavior would be reasonably acceptable for a college frat guy, but seeing as how the show lists his age as 26, it’s really time for Tony to grow up and act like more of an adult.

-The other major storyline this  week was the birth of Jason’s baby.  Congrats to him, he seems pretty genuine in his determination to be present in the baby’s life, unlike his own father who was absent while Jason was growing up.  It was nice to see the guys support Jason in this moment, sadly Nicole was the missing “wolf pack” member, as she had to go back to Brooklyn for a few days for her job as an EMT.   It will also be interesting to see how new daddy Jason reacts to the arrival of his skeleton, reportedly his absentee father.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  Next week looks fairly promising, we will see who the flowers Madison received at the end of the episode are from, and Tony doesn’t appear to be the guys biggest fan (another reason these two are doomed).  Also there is a confrontation between Tony and Sylvia/Jason, after Tony steals a bottle and is called “white trash” by Sylvia, and finally it appears that Bruno’s romance with Carla may be coming to an end.  Things are winding down, but it looks like this season still has some gas left in the tank, see you next week for another recap.

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