Total Eclipse of the Heart aka The Return of Banany (The Challenge: Battle of The Exes II Recap)


I loved this week of The Challenge, while I haven’t always been his biggest fan, things just don’t feel right without Johnny Banana’s in the house and we finally got him back this week.  But before we can get to the return of Banany, we’ve got some other things to cover, so let’s get started.

Wes is feeling great at the beginning of this week’s episode.  After eliminating his nemesis Johnny Banana’s earlier in the season, and pulling some Jedi mind tricks on Leroy to get him to throw in Zach last week, Wes feels like he is controlling the game, he just needs to make one more move.  Wes goes to Leroy and Jordan and asks them to agree to throw in Jay and Jenna for the final elimination.  Leroy will take virtually any deal offered to him, and is immediately on board.  Jordan and Sarah on the other hand are not so trusting of Wes and decide this isn’t something they can agree to.  Jordan also decides to mention Theresa being a bitch, which while true, doesn’t help him and Sarah much in the house.  Jordan also brings up that Wes is not the same “roided up” guy that he was in the past.  (Between this comment, winning the challenge, and admitting that he doesn’t need to get any “douchier”, it was a great performance by Jordan all around this week).  Just when it is looking like Sarah and Jordan might be heading into all remaining elimination rounds the group gets a message from TJ, and it’s time to make a surprise trip to the dome.

With everyone gathered in the dome TJ finally reveals the twist to the remaining cast members.  The first to enter the dome are Zach and Jonna, and then after a pause for dramatic effect, Banana’s and Nany jog down the path to the dome and straight into Wes’ worst nightmare.  (Side note:  how could Jonna have thought Adam and Brittany would be the team that won the “losers” bracket?  Maybe Zach has been right about her all along).  With everyone looking on TJ announces that Banana’s and Nany and Zach and Jonna will be competing with the winning team returning to the house.  This week’s elimination round features a giant metal structure, like a square jungle gym that the competitors have to lead a rope through while tied together.  The teams then trade structures and have to undue all the knots and twists their competitors have created, the first team to unwind all the rope and put it in a circle wins and returns to the house.  Initially it looks like Zach and Jonna might get the victory, but the pair falls apart at the end, as they pretty much always do, and Banana’s and Nany are able to squeak out a win (and Zach gets one last opportunity to treat Jonna like crap).


(Leroy is Banana’s eager student)

With Banana’s back in the house Sarah and Jordan are quick to confirm that their alliance is still strong.  With one team down Banana’s turns to Leroy who needs about 30 seconds of convincing from Banana’s  before he has given up his deal with Wes, and is back in his original alliance, looking on with wide-eyed admiration as Johnny explains with a scumbag Wes is.  All the pieces are falling into place for Banana’s, and deciding he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty this season, he decides that after making sure Wes and Theresa are eliminated first, he will let Sarah and Jordan win the next challenge, leaving them to decide who will be the other team entering the elimination round.

The week’s challenge features the competitors standing on a structure suspended above the water while they attempt to knock each other off with the use of a swinging heavy bag and some dodge balls.  This is an easy challenge to gang up on Wes and Theresa for and they are easily eliminated first.  Although Nia managed to be the first person eliminated when she refused to compete, insisting her legs were too long (this isn’t really an issue I can relate to, but like most other people I’m calling bs).  Leroy and Johnny both essentially eliminate themselves leaving Jenna to knock Jenna off the platform and seal the victory for his team.

Following the victory, Sarah and Jordan have the customary meetings with the other teams before deciding who they will send into elimination.  After quickly letting Banana’s and Nany know they are safe, it’s time to talk to Leroy and Nia.  Jordan sets the stage by saying they need to get rid of Wes and Theresa and he knows he can’t send a “sheep to do a lions job.”  At this point Leroy has heard enough, and realizing he is going into the elimination decides it’s time to leave, Nia however has some other ideas.  Nia plays the role of the victim, trying to bring out the sensitive side in Jordan by saying she thought they were friends.  Jordan, unfortunately for Nia, has no sensitive side, and is quick to point out in an interview that Nia is crazy to think they will ever have anything “real holding them together,” following their past in the Portland house.  After rambling for a while about Jordan not respecting her as a competitor, Leroy emerges and says it’s time to go, bringing an end to tropical storm Nia, but don’t worry, the hurricane is coming.  And the hurricane finally arrives during the elimination announcement.  When Jordan and Sarah officially announce they will be sending in Leroy and Nia, Nia decides it is the perfect time to start calling out everyone in the house.  After several blows at Banana’s that don’t do much damage, Nia turns to Nany, who is always ready for a fight, and the insults start flying.  The episode ends with Nia standing on the table screaming at Nany for being a slut and a whore.  (Do these insults still really bother Nany, not saying she’s a slut, but there is at least one fight like this every season, it’s time for the other girls to get some new material).

That’s all I’ve got for this week, another great episode from a show that never disappoints.  A lot to look forward to with the big elimination round next week, seems like it should be a battle, but Theresa and Nia are both capable of crumbling, so we will have to wait and see.  I’ll be back next week with another recap of The Challenge, and check back next Tuesday for my take on The Bachelor finale.

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