Wine and Roses (The Real World Skeletons Episode 12 Recap)


I had hoped to get this week’s post up earlier, but due to a lack of time and some writer’s block it didn’t happen.  Despite that fact I’m still excited to talk about the latest drama filled episode, so let’s get started.

Last week’s episode closed out with Madison getting flowers from an unknown sender with a card asking her to meet him for lunch.  All week it was teased that the latest skeleton was Madison’s ex-boyfriend, and most people assumed that meant the boyfriend she went through her heroin addiction with.  As the newest skeleton arrived however, we learned there are some places even The Real World won’t go.  The ex was not the one who led Madison down the wrong path, but another ex-boyfriend from around that time period who left Madison when her addiction to drugs was more than he could handle.

Despite the fact that he is supposed to be Madison’s more respectable ex, when they head out to the bar Madison says that she knows Skyler is a great time, and that he’s crazy.  Skyler then does his best to prove his insanity by squeezing a lemon wedge into his eye for no apparent reason.  One person not impressed by these antics is Tony, the suddenly jealous boyfriend.  Following the lemon squeezing incident Tony pulls Madison aside to remind her that there is no “Tony 2.0…there’s just Tony” (which caused me to think, “thank god”).  Something about the way Tony popped his collar while delivering this speech reminded me of another famous Tony, Elaine’s ex-boyfriend from Seinfeld, who caused Jerry to coin the phrase “mimbo.”  During this episode I finally realized that Tony really is a mimbo.  Tony loses some of his mimbo charm in the next sequence when he decides to take out his frustration on the flowers Skyler sent Madison by throwing them from the second floor to the kitchen below.  Tony tries to follow that up with throwing Skyler’s bed down, but Nicole overpowers him and he gives up and goes to bed.  There is a happy ending to this volatile situation however, as Skyler and Tony make up like bro’s the next morning, and after saying goodbye to Madison we’re down to one skeleton left for this season.

For anyone worried that Tony wouldn’t be causing anymore drama this episode, fear not!.  Following Skyler’s departure the gang heads out to the bar, and Tony decides it’s a good time to steal a bottle of wine.  Apparently this isn’t the first bottle Tony has stolen this season, but it is the first time he’s gotten caught.  Realizing he doesn’t have the money to pay for the bottle, Tony turns to his housemates who have generally had enough with his antics, and aren’t interested in helping.  Lucky for Tony, Nicole would be anything for the “wolf pack” including making out with a guy and convincing him to pay for the bottle so Tony doesn’t get in trouble.  (Side note: why would this guy agree to have his face on TV looking like an idiot who hooked up with a lesbian and paid for her friends booze and got nothing in return).

With the bottle paid for it seems like peace should be restored, but in actuality the house is about to explode.  On the ride home Sylvia calls Tony “white trash” for stealing the bottle, the combined with the fact that Nicole continues to stand up for Tony makes the entire house lose their minds.  Tony grew up poor, so being called “white trash” strikes an especially sensitive cord, but when Tony tries to use this as an excuse for taking the bottle, Jason takes offense, as he also was raised poor.  Jason is not only upset with Tony, but also with Nicole, who he feels treats him differently than she treats Tony and Bruno.  Jason insists that Nicole would have been much harder on him, and is loudly expressing these feeling to Sylvia when Nicole decides to intervene.  The episode closes out with Jason shoving Nicole and telling her to get out of his face.

That’s just about all I’ve got for this week.  Things continue to be tense for Jason next week, as we will see the conclusion of his fight with Nicole, and the father who he has never met arrives at the house as the last skeleton of the season.  A few final notes before I head out for this week:

1.  Bruno is my favorite to become the new Zach of Real World San Diego/Challenge fame.  This week Bruno broke up with his girlfriend for wanting to buy him a haircut, displaying a treatment of women that would make “Thor” proud.

2.  Jenny and Brian from The Real World: Ex-Plosion announced that they are expecting their first child.  I’m not sure this is an entirely good thing, but hopefully they have been filling out “thought records” and working through their issues.  At least this explains why neither of them made an appearance on The Challenge this season.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, check out my recap of The Challenge:  Battle of the Ex’s II, and I’ll see you next week as we wrap up this season of The Real World.

Thoughts/Questions/Comments:  Feel free to contact me via email: or on Twitter: @NoOneGoesToClev

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