The Skeleton’s Are Out of the Closet (The Real World Skeletons Finale Recap)


This week marked the end of The Real World Skeletons, and many people have speculated maybe the end of the series as well.  It has been widely reported that The Real World has not yet been renewed for a 31st season, while The Challenge and Are you the One  have both been re-upped for another go.  It’s worth noting that The Real World wasn’t confirmed for season 30 until April of last year, so it’s not time to panic about the series ending just yet (source).  Instead of dwelling on the negative possibilities let’s jump in and talk about the finale (which was also pretty negative and dark, but who cares).

A large chunk of this episode focuses on the conclusion of the fight between Nicole and Jason.  We never see exactly what Jason did, but clearly he went way past the line for how a man should handle a woman, or anyone for that matter.  Nicole is quoted as saying he “threw” her, which sounds a little confusing and a lot inappropriate.  Nicole was understandably extremely upset at this treatment by her former best friend in the house, and by all accounts the two have still not repaired the bond they once had.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any tougher for Jason, he follows the disillusion of his closest relationship in the house with meeting his birth father for the first time.  I think producers were hoping this would be one of the most dramatic skeletons of the season, but like virtually all the previous house guests, Jason’s father does not draw much of a dramatic reaction. (The  except to this was of course Tony’s ex-girlfriends, by far the most dramatic and enjoyable skeletons of the season).  Jason’s father also struck me as a real jerk, like the type of guy who has a one night stand and then never acknowledges the child that resulted from it.  At one point during their meeting his father says “So you must not be too mad at me,” and follows that statement up with a chuckle.  Really good old dad, a former model, seemed like the prospect of being on television was more valuable than reuniting with his son.  Jason seems to have some resentment for Lafayette, but also seems to be seeking his approval (possibly why he doesn’t mention he beat up his female roommate the night before).  With a promise that Jason will now be included in family reunions, the last skeleton leaves the house, and it’s time for the roommates to say goodbye (unless you’re Bruno, in which case you just leave without saying anything).

I just have a few final take aways from this season and then I’m going to wrap things up.

1.  Why did Bruno stay in the house all season?  I’m hard pressed to remember any former cast member who seemed to enjoy their time in the house less, possibly because after he met Carla Bruno basically stopped spending time interacting with people in the house.  As someone who dreads goodbyes even I thought Bruno’s exit was lame, and he will go down as one of the least enjoyable cast members in recent memory.  If anyone needed to be part of the group therapy session the cast had during the finale, it was Bruno.

2.  On the opposite side of the spectrum from Bruno there was Sylvia and Violetta.  Violetta did not end up being nearly as insane as it seemed like she was during the first episode, but I still feel like she has it in her and hope to maybe see more during a Challenge season in the future.  Both girls were loud, crazy, and funny, and the pair and their friendship was the most watchable part of this season.

3.  For anyone desperate to know, Tony and Madison are still (at least as of earlier this week) a couple.  The pair confirmed they were still together on Twitter after the finale aired.  I guess they didn’t really have any other way to let us know the “good” news, as this season for reasons that are unclear, didn’t have a reunion.

That’s all I’ve got for this season.  If this truly is the end of The Real World, I’ll be a little disappointed it didn’t go out on a stronger note.  This was a solid season, but definitely not one of the best in my opinion.  Looking back on past seasons the other day I realized how much I liked the cast as a whole generally determines how much I liked a season, and overall this seasons cast didn’t rank very high in the “likability” standings.  I’m planning to post my rankings of the seasons from 30-1 sometime in the coming weeks.  Until then check out my Battle of the Exes II recaps, and I hope to see you in the future for season 31 of The Real World.

Thoughts/Questions/Comments:  Feel free to contact me via email: or on Twitter: @NoOneGoesToClev

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