This Season is Rigged, The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Recap


Well, looks like I’m running a little behind schedule on my recaps, but better late than never right?  Since it’s almost time for this weeks episode I’m not going to go too far into things from last week, but there are a couple of things I need to get off my chest before we go any further on this season.

The most important thing we learned last week?  This season of The Challenge is fixed!  For seemingly the ten-thousandth time in challenge history Johnny Banana’s was able to somehow save himself when it seemed like the game was finally turning on him.  After being put into the elimination round for the third time, with Vince being a leader in the voting each time, Jenna decided she was finally done being a pawn for Banana’s and his creepy cousin.  Jenna even makes a deal with Cara Maria and her cousin Jamie that they will watch each other’s backs.  Even though Cara Maria was clearly lying when she said Jenna and Brianna would be their number one alliance, (clearly Abe and his brother were her top partnership) I still hoped that this would be enough to convince Jenna to actually turn her back on Banana’s.  Unfortunately, as we’ve seen frequently during her time on this show, Jenna can easily be swayed by almost any assertive male cast member.  Johnny convinces Jenna that they need to get rid of Cara Maria because Jenna wouldn’t be able to beat her in a final.  You know who else Jenna can’t beat in a final? Johnny Bananas!  Honestly at this point the only team Jenna and Brianna could probably beat in the final is Aneesa and her cousin, and even that is up for debate.  Despite how shady he has been this season Banana’s is still a better ally than Cara (just ask Tom about how good she is at saving teams in her “alliance”).

After yet another terrible performance by the blue team in a challenge, Banana’s manages to not only get Cara Maria’s cousin put in the elimination round, but also Abe’s brother Mike is bullied into volunteering himself once again.  This creates the perfect scenario for Banana’s as either Cara Maria and Jamie or Mike and Abe, probably the only two teams with a real chance of beating him in a final, are going home.  Already struggling with going up against a friend in the elimination round, Mike and Jamie get more bad news from TJ when he lets them know that they will actually be competing against CT and Zach.  The elimination challenge involves a long pole stuck into a wall with the competing players on either end of the pole, the winner is whoever can pull the pole through to their side the fastest.  There are three heats for each player and CT and Zach completely embarrass Jamie and Mike respectively.  Jamie manages to put in a slightly less pathetic performance than Mike, and comes out of the elimination as the “winner” (really don’t think either of these guys felt like winners after being man-handled like they were).

Next episode players will go back to being paired up with their bloodlines, and I honestly don’t think I can ever remember a weaker bunch of teams this close to a final.  A combination of an especially ruthless Banana’s, and a little help from production means there is nothing but his cousins questionable abilities standing between Johnny and a 6th challenge title.  This fact becomes especially clear when the preview for the next episode shows Corey throwing up during what might be the final, while Banana’s says in a voice over that Corey might have to get airlifted out.  Corey is a classic example of someone who looks like a good athlete, but ends up performing terribly on these shows.  That’s basically all I’ve got for now, final thought from last week’s episode: has CT ever looked better than this?


FullSizeRender (4)

I’m sure the last year has been tough for him, but he really looks great, and hopefully he is doing ok too.  See you later this week for another recap, until next week.


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