Why the Public Should Stop Worrying About PED Use in Sports



As most people know at this point it has been a big week in the world of accusations of PED use by pro athletes.  Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was connected to the banned substance IGF-1.  The substance is banned by all professional sports, and according to a story set to run in Sports Illustrated next week was obtained by Lewis in the form of deer antler spray, which he was given to help recover from a torn triceps injury this fall.  Christopher Key, co-owner of SWATS, (the company who supplied Lewis with the spray) says he also supplied the spray to about 20 university of Alabama football players prior to the 2012 BCS title game against LSU (source).  Lewis has denied using the substance, and has used the tried and true defense that he has never failed a test.  Lewis was supported by Ravens vice president of communications, Kevin Byrne, who released the following statement on behalf of the team: “Ray has been randomly tested for banned substances and has never failed a test. We have never been notified of a failed test. He has never been notified of a failed test” (source).  Of course the great thing about IGF-1, and similar substances such as HGH is that there is no test in place to determine their presence in an athletes system.  Turns out its pretty easy to never fail a test for a substance they don’t test for, Lance Armstrong managed to dope through seven Tour de France titles with this method.

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Why I Still Can’t Hate Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey

I was ready to be done with Lance Armstrong earlier this week before his interview with Oprah.  I was convinced he was only doing the interview in an attempt to have his life time ban from sanctioned sports removed, and had been feeling very disappointed in him following his complete separation from the Livestrong organization this fall.  As I’ve written previously I had been aware Armstrong must have been doping long before the USADA’s Reasoned Decision was released.  Following the suspensions of most of his main rivals between 2006-07, it became virtually impossible to believe Armstrong hadn’t been doping right along with them.  In this post I plan to cover the interview, and why despite his admitting to being a cheater, a bully, and a jerk I still can’t hate Lance Armstrong.

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