At Long Last – The Food Portion of this Blog (featuring a recipe for artichokes with hollandaise sauce)


Some of you may have noticed that in the header for this blog it says it’s about sports, pop culture and food (along with other things I want to talk about).  Some of you may have also noticed, there hasn’t really been any food.  And aside from talking about the food I ate during my woefully shortened “Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives” tour of America, (link here) those people are correct.  Well get ready, because that’s about to change (at least for today).  The problem with the food aspect of this blog is that despite loving to cook, (and eat) I’m really not a recipe person, which makes sharing food ideas difficult.  There have been several times when I’ve made something I thought was delicious and thought “I should blog this,” only to remember I have no idea what the amounts were for virtually every ingredient I’ve used.  The other problem is that I often get ideas from other cooks, and base my recipes off of theirs.  In these situations I just imagine being sued by the Barefoot Contessa for stealing her recipes.  (This would really be a bummer, at least after getting over the initial excitement of the Barefoot Contessa reading my blog).  So those are all the reasons the food portion of this blog has been lacking, but I decided I would make a change by sharing my all time favorite food with you.

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Halloween Candy Trading Guide

With Halloween rapidly approaching I decided it was important everyone saw this video before the holiday.

I also need to make one small correction as 100 Grands are much better than 5th Avenues, I’d never even heard anyone suggest anything different before this video.  Also if anyone would like to trade I’m in the soft/fillings category.  (Also I had absolutely nothing to do with the making of this video).

A Quest For Fun (My Adventure to Cleveland)

This spring I decided I wanted to drive across the country.  Sure my car was a lemon that was almost as much rust as metal, that didn’t stop me from thinking it was a good idea.  What did stop me was my car not passing inspection, being told it wasn’t worth fixing and buying a new car.  So ultimately I decided on a compromise, I would go to Cleveland.  As it turns out Cleveland isn’t a place that many people choose to go for vacation.  In fact it seems so few people choose to go there that no one I tell understands why that would be my choice destination still to this day.  But it had several restaurants I wanted to go to and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and lake Erie, and I’m sure some other stuff but I didn’t have time to see any of that.  It’s important to note I didn’t only go to Cleveland, I also stopped and spent time in exotic locations such as Syracuse and Rochester New York.  I really like to go all out when I go on vacation.  The day I started my trip I worked 6am-1pm and planned to leave directly from work, after a little difficulty getting away (I think my boss was afraid I wasn’t coming back) I was on my way.

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