The Challenge Battle of the Seasons Recap…plus possibly some other stuff like the 12-12-12 concert



At the start of this season of The Challenge I made several posts listing my personal ultimate battle of the seasons cast and discussing who I thought would win the show if it were done in that format.  And as we head towards the end of this season of The Challenge (with virtually none of the people I mentioned around) I thought I would share some thoughts on last nights episode and the season as a whole before we head into the final episode.

Last nights episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons featured the last elimination before the final challenge for the $250,000 grand prize.  Last nights game we ideal for someone like Devyn who only had to drive an ATV a short distance, rather than participating in any actual physical competition.  It wasn’t ideal for someone like Ashley who apparently doesn’t know how to drive an ATV (even though Frank couldn’t tell he didn’t get a good launch so maybe it doesn’t matter).  Dustin and Trishelle managed to pull out a victory in a challenge that involved some swimming and a lot of puking.  (All this throwing up/needing oxygen after that swim doesn’t bode well for many competitors heading into the final challenge).  Dustin and Trishelle decided to send San Diego (where Frank amazingly finally agreed to face an elimination) in against Cancun in a game of strategy to determine the final team in the finale.  Despite a lot of assistance from Brooklyn and Las Vegas, the remaining members of Cancun, Derek and Jonna (who I think is everyone’s favorite based on the number of times she was called a whore or it was said she screwed her way to the final) couldn’t defeat Frank and Ashley and were sent packing.  Next week we head into the final race, which according to TJ is the most intense finale yet.  I think while there will be some advantage to having four people, teams Brooklyn and San Diego will regret not “trimming the fat” (to use a classic challenge phrase) by getting rid of the weaker players on their teams (Devyn and Sam respectively).  It feels like San Diego should be the favorite, but they have both a weak player and a lot of emotional dysfunction that could allow one of the other teams to slip in with a victory.  Whoever wins it promises to be an exciting finale, and the reunion special has the potential to have the most crying/yelling/storming off set in a long time


And now to change gears to the other television I was watching last night, the 12-12-12 concert.  I watched most of this (aside from the time I spent watching The Challenge) and have to say I was mostly underwhelmed (why I kept watching is a discussion for another time). But since I did stick it out for around five hours I want to share some thoughts I took away from the viewing.  Unlike everyone else who apparently thought it was great, I spent the night waiting for the Nirvana reunion/Paul McCartney portion of the show and ending up being pretty unimpressed.   I was hoping for some classic Nirvana songs, and also would have liked to trade McCartney for Eddie Vedder (his performance with Roger Waters was my favorite of the night) but oh well, we can’t always get what we want. I also spent a large part of the time watching wondering where Jay-Z was, seems like he would have been the ideal “surprise guest” for either Alicia Keys or Kanye.  In fact I’m pretty sure Kanye was wearing the leather kilt thing so people would be talking about why he was wearing that instead of why he was there instead of Jay-Z.  Michael Stipe looked disappointingly old last night, which in turn made me feel disappointingly old, I think the gray facial hair needs to go.  Finally one of the greatest lessons from last nights show was, always know when you’re too old to take your shirt off in front of millions of people, I’m talking to you Roger Daltrey.



(I’m not sure what’s happening in the middle there, it looks a little like Kate Gosselin’s stomach before she got that tummy tuck).

How to Make a Road Trip Playlist

I’ve taken quite a few road trips recently, if you read my previous posts you would know I just made a trip from Maine to Cleveland earlier this fall. With the most travelled day of the year coming up this week I decided I would lend out some of my wisdom about road trips. The number one thing I’ve learned about making a long road trip by yourself is that your playlist is crucial.  Obviously you’re going to include your current favorite songs, that’s a given, but at some point those songs get boring and you need something different to keep you going.  That’s what this post is all about, finding the random songs to add to your playlist that will make the journey more enjoyable.

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