I’m a f*king Honey Badger Dude (Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites Week 2 Recap)



And we’re back.  This weeks episode picks up right where we left off last week with the favorites returning from their tribal council.  Brandon starts spouting off at tribe member Dawn about her siding with Phillips alliance to help vote out Francesca.  (This is where we get the honey badger line from.  I had to look up honey badger because I thought he meant he was a pot smoking former LSU football player, and I wasn’t sure why he would call himself by that name (here’s who I’m talking about for anyone who’s confused).  It turns out a honey badger is an actual animal know for its ferocious nature, and ability to fight off larger predators, so I guess things all make sense now).  Brandon goes on to tell Eric he is going to start playing “diirrrty” (and can feel his uncle Russell’s blood flowing through him).  Dawn breaks down and cries because Brandon is being mean.  (Umm…hasn’t she played this game before, she’s sad people are being mean? Brandon was right she isn’t going to win this time either).

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